Tina Szymczak

January 5, 2016

Figuring It Out

Since I wrote articles for BLOOM and The Mighty I have been thinking a lot about accepting people’s help but even more so HOW do you let people know you need something as you struggle with a disability (mental health, developmental, health)?  I mean it’s easy for me to write that I want friends and family to help me at times but how do I let them know when that time is? What do I do for example when a co-worker asks in passing “How are you”? Do I start in on a long story about how my anxiety is really high and my depression medication has just been increased? I mean how weird would that be? Truthfully I don’t know if I […]
December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Mom

It’s almost Christmas Eve and the presents are all wrapped and under the tree. But I find myself at a loss as to what to get for you. A new purse, a book, a gift card – perhaps. Or what about this: When I look back on my childhood I often think of the difficult times like when your migraines were bad, or that time you got called for jury duty and the time the one side of your body was partially paralyzed and they thought you had Multiple Sclerosis. I think about how even good events, were often so difficult for you. There were things that could throw you into a fit – the wrong creamer for your coffee, […]
December 19, 2015

For All That Is You

Who knew where life would take us when we first met across the table at Adoption classes? We became the best of friends in a short amount of time and when I adopted my son you were there every step of the way. Two adoptions for you and another for me and quite miraculously all of our children got along which lead to group trips to places such as water parks and apple picking. This was good because often times your oldest son was the only one who would play with my oldest. Being a mom with you felt normal. A normal that I never felt with other moms and kids. Thank you for all those days where my oldest […]
December 14, 2015


So using a random generator I have the winner of the Tim’s or Starbucks giftcard Congratulations Andrea!! Leave a comment as to which card you would like and I will deliver it to you. Thanks to those that played – I appreciate the sharing of my blog and the new ideas for blogposts. Tina
December 7, 2015

A Christmas Giveaway

So who doesn’t like the chance to win something? The rules are simple – leave a comment here on my blog telling me which blog post is your favourite for a second entry in the draw include in your comment an idea for a new blog post. Share are my blog link on your Facebook status for a 3rd entry (if we are not friends on FB just let me know in the comments that you did it – I trust you) see. Isn’t that easy? Contest closes December 13 so hurry! And for your hard work if your name is chosen I will send you a gift card to either Tim Horton’s or Starbucks. You choose. Happy commenting Tina
December 2, 2015

Another Published Piece

I’m super excited that another of my writing pieces has been picked up by The Mighty You can read it here This just proves if you keep putting yourself out there you will finally experience success (I had submitted 3 times with 3 rejections before they agreed to publish this last piece). Have a great day! Tina