The most powerful words delivered at my speaking engagements are the ones spoken to me by those who filled the audience.

I have been fortunate enough to meet so many amazing people at the events I attend and here are what a few have chosen to share with me...

My personal favorite of the entire conference. I find it very motivating to hear first hand from parents. I don't think any professional can put things into perspective like a parent sharing their story. It was an added bonus to have a speaker who is also a professional in the field!

Great speaker. Was interesting to hear her perspective as both a parent and resource consultant. Made me more aware and cognizant of how I should approach meetings with parents.

     “Moving! Absolutely fantastic that Tina would or could share her family’s story with us. Nice to hear a mom’s perspective vs staff. Helpful! Well spoken. Perfect resource sharing of blog & Janice Fialka info.”

Tina shared her wealth of information as a professional as well as the heartbreaks and resilience that she needs to parent her children. She brought me to tears. Gave me a good perspective of how are families can feel on a daily basis.

Inspirational and uplifting. Well spoken.

Wonderful. Helped to put everything into perspective.

     “Fantastic! Definitely valuable insight that is needed to hear.”

     “Best presentation in the whole conference! I’ll definitely be checking out her blog.”

     “My favourite session of the whole conference”

     “Loved this – so valuable.”