April 21, 2017


The back of one of my Corbin’s graduation announcements. Jeremy is disappointed as I always said I would write a “Suck It” announcement. He thought I meant that I would literally write those words. He makes me laugh.
May 8, 2017

Mental Health Awareness 2017 – Part 1

Mental Health awareness week is almost over . . . I have struggled all week with what to say. Here is part of my story: I have struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life. As a young child I felt anxious doing ordinary everyday activities like going to school or even playing with my friends. When I was 5, I was in Girl Guides and would get a migraine every time I went. I spent half the time lying on a gym bench waiting for my parents to come pick me up.  When I was 6 I struggled to print properly – it was the first time at school that I struggled with something. I had no idea […]
July 11, 2017

Graduation Party

On June 24th, 2017 we hosted a joint graduation party for our boys. Jeremy was graduating Gr.8 and Corbin was graduating high school. We decided to have the party for 30 people at our local restaurant The Leaf Grill. Everyone who rsvp’d they would be there showed up and even my friend Angela flew in from Thunderbay just for the day. She’s like the boys Aunt, a favourite aunt that likes to spoil them. This time she made these amazing cookies.   The Leaf staff were amazing – we didn’t have to do a set menu but rather everyone was encouraged to order what they liked off the menu. Our food, every last plate, was out within a half hour from […]
September 3, 2017

Impossible Things

Imagine you have a job that requires you to do increasingly harder tasks each day that you go there. Let’s say you are working a desk job but every day you are expected to do 50 sit ups. You haven’t done a sit up in years and you have a bad back from a previous injury. But everyone is required to do it so you give it a try and you maybe get in 2 or 3 before you give up. Your boss critiques your performance and gives you a Level 1 – the worst level there is. He also decides that because you can’t do sit ups you probably can’t do a lot of other activities the job entails. […]